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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wilderness Lake, Menifee, CA (Nov 15th - 16), 2010

Wilderness Lake Campground.  We arrived in the evening so we chose the first empty available campsite.  The next morning we toured around the park and what did we discover?  Very nice park.  Clean, well-maintained, nice pool etc.  However, on one side of this campground there were 1,000 cattle.  The wind was not blowing our way so at least we did not smell anything too harsh.  By 3:00 p.m. we were being invaded by flies -- hundreds of thousands of them.  All over our camper, our awning, inside our car.  We never saw so many.  We were supposed to stay another 4 days, but we packed up and were out of there in 1/2 hour.  We went to another sister park in Palm Desert, CA.    After arriving to Palm Desert we were still killing flies -- there were probably another 100 in our camper.  Jason came up with the great idea of sucking them up in our vacuum cleaner -- and that worked great!!!!  We would not be returning to Wilderness Lakes again.

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