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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pasadena, CA (Dec 30th - Jan 1st), 2011

Leaving Palm Springs, we stopped at a KOA in Fairplex, CA overnight before continuing on to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Parade.  We had a little incident along Route 66 as we turned in a busy intersection with traffic in all directions.  One of our compartments on the camper came open as we made the turn.  Mike's complete toolbox and a couple of their drawers flew out onto the intersection along with other items that were in the compartment.  Traffic froze as we quickly pulled over and all jumped out to clean up the roadway.  Our hearts were a pounding and thankfully all the traffic just stopped or drove around us.  It didn't take us too long with the four of us cleaning it up and causing no accidents.  We just moved on quietly out of the area.  We had reserved a parking spot along the parade route so we just camped overnight in our motorhome.  New Year's Eve was spent walking along the route, listening to various music, watching various acts, and dodging the silly string.  It was so funny to see all the cars driving by that were bombarded with silly string and shaving cream.  But security was tight through the whole area.  People were camping everywhere -- some in just sleeping bags along the sidewalks.  We set our chairs along the route as did everyone hoping they would be there the next  morning.  At last, on a bright and sunny cool morning the parade started.  How magnificent the floats were.  So detailed and beautiful.  Close to 200 entries to this parade and it lasted a couple of hours.  But it was worth every minute.  Time to move out and head to the ocean. Here's an few of our 200 photos of the parade.

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