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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mission View RV Resort in Tucson, AZ (March 15 - 20th), 2011

What a nice quiet park this was; and the people were so nice especially the hosts!!!  This was a Good Sam's Park of which we are members.  The weather was not all that bad either -- high 80's the first few days we were there.  We took Buddy to a clinic that provided his annual shots for $10/each.  What a deal!!!  We drove through Saguaro National Park, applied for Jason's passport, visited the San Javier Mission church and enjoyed the great weather.  Had a little health issue with Buddy of which we visited a recommended Veterinarian in which a minor temporary surgery needed to be done and they (without mentioning to us) contacted the" People for Animals "group who volunteered to pay for most of our bill that day because they knew we were from out of town.  No one has ever done something that nice for us.  We were just shocked and grateful at the same time.  They were so gracious and willing to help us out and this was a visiting Vet named Dr. Olson.  We would recommend the Guadalupe Veterinary Clinic in Tucson to anyone.  They take care of you very well!!!!  Tucson was a very nice town and we enjoyed our visit very much.  The people were so nice everywhere we went.  We decided to move on to another Arizona State Park -- Catalina State Park just north of Tuscon.

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