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Monday, April 25, 2011

Las Cruces, NM Habitat Homes (March 27th - April 16th), 2011

"Dineh" Honors All Native Americans of New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico will be our home for the next three weeks. Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in which they provided us with free camping and we had water, electric, sewer and a on site laundry facility right next to their offices.  We were on a stone parking lot, it sure beat being on a desert dirt lot which was the topography in the area.  The weather was great  everyday-- high 70's and 80's.   They have not had rain since December 31st.   There were six homes we worked on completing four of them by the time we left.  We learned some  new skills such as tiling and grouting the tile floors; kitchen cabinets installation including the sink and counter-tops plus we learned alignment of doors.  So we also installed all the doors and hardware on four of the houses plus we  painted 12 of the exterior doors and their jams.  Lots of spackling, caulking and touching up was a timely chore.  It was entertaining as we enjoyed watching the inexperienced co-volunteers attempt new tasks as well.  We also discovered local landmarks of Las Cruces and toured the area sites on weekends such as Trinity Site, the White Sands National Monument, the local farmer's market that had more local crafters then produce which was not in season yet and the city-wide auction which had tons of stuff to be auctioned off -- from office equipment to tractors to vehicles to the pallet load of fireman boots. We visited  the Town of Mesilla, you recall where "Billy the Kidd" was convicted of murder at the courthouse and ate authentic Mexican food in town.  We met some good friends here as well from Massachusetts to the State of Washington, to other full-time RVers.  Very good experience -- one of which I think we will be doing again in the future.
Courthouse for "Billy the Kidd"
 Las Cruces means"The Crosses"

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