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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lansing Cottonwood Campground, MI (May 17 - 26), 2011

The Family Together
Airport Good-Byes
Airport Good-Byes
Our main focus for our stay near the East Lansing , Michigan area was to get our daughter Kelsey packed and ready and to see her off to Valencia, Spain for her study abroad program.  The weather wasn't the greatest -- lots of rain.  But she was able to pack her things and we moved them into our storage unit; but because she could not sublet her room in her rented house, we left her larger items in the room. In between the rains we were able to see the largest Art & Craft Event we have ever been to in East Lansing, Mi. over the weekend. Its amazing how many talented people are out there!!  Anyways, we ventured to Rochester, Mi. for our annual dental check ups and had a great dinner and good time with the whole family and Kelsey's friends at Sagebrush in Lake Orion, Mi. --" The Best Mexican Restaurant" around.  We were also able to visit with Mike's mom and sister and our nieces & nephews down in Trenton, Mi.  Kelsey got off OK on the flight keeping her main luggage down to 50 lbs. -- of course after juggling some things once we got to the airport scales.  She made it safe and with an peace of mind there after a two hour delay on the plane and tolerating a two year old sitting behind her kicking her seat and making lots of noises on their overnight flight. .   .  As the miserable rain fell in Michigan, we managed to keep busy after her send-off and it was time to move on to Hastings, Mich. where we had a graduation party to attend and to visit brother Dan!!!                                         

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