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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lake Fausse Point State Park, St. Martinville, LA (Nov 10th), 2011

Capital of Louisiana
Tabasco Pepper Sauce Plant
Our destination was Avery Island, Home of the Tabasco Pepper Sauce Plant.  On our way we passed the Capital of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.  We were given a video tour, the history and a glimpse of the Tabasco Pepper Sauce small plant where they processed and packaged the pepper sauce and of course we ended in their country store where we could sample and purchase anything you can imagine with Tabasco stamped on it.  It was free so we cannot complain.  You could smell the pepper sauce when you got out of your vehicle.  You can imagine the peppers needed to be grown which start from seeds in January and transplanted to the fields in April.  By August, the peppers reach just the right color of red and are hand picked.  They are mashed in the factory with salt from Avery Island.  It is then aged in white oak barrels (yes some come from Jack Daniels Distillery) for 3 years.  After that the mash is mixed with special vinegar, stirred for a month, strained and poured into slim bottles.  They have many varieties, sauces -- and even Tabasco Ice Cream which was great.  Since it closes at 5:00 p.m. (7 days per week), but no operations Fri. thru Sun. we headed back east to camp overnight at Lake Fausse Point State Park which was a pretty decent park.  Onward we go to check in on other Louisiana State Park and getting us closer to the State ofTexas.

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