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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Harlingen, Texas Encore Parks (Jan. 8 - 22nd), 2012

Outside Mural Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan
Butterfly Garden / Pump House in Background
World's Largest Killer Bee
Harlingen Mural
Harlingen Mural
We decided to test out our sister membership parks in Harlingen, Texas.  There were several parks in the area so we wanted see how they were and plus the fact that they offered great winter weekly deals. So we stayed at each park for a week; they were named  Fun N Sun, Paradise and Tropic Winds.  Weather was great (70-80's) everyday with no rain.  The parks had many amenities like heated pools, jacuzzi's, excercise rooms, and lots of activities.  The only drawback was that we felt much younger then all the residents there.  Most were there for the winter months and then return north for the summer. If we could of put all the good things together in one park; the park would be fantastic.  All we really looked for are clean restrooms, quietness and a good dog area for Buddy.  The greatest thing that came from our stay down here in southern Texas was that Jason found a job on South Padre Island.  He was ready to move out from us; and we were happy for him to become independent.  However, we would miss him!!!  We took a side trip to the Town of Hidalgo, Texas which housed the World's Largest Killer Bee and the Historic Agriculture Pump House which is now a museum with it's surrounding Butterfly Garden.  After seeing all the Christmas Light Displays throughout the town, we will have to revisit this town during the holidays when they are all lit up.  So we spent a lot of time at camp, relaxing, catching up on our blogs, tax gathering, doing some chores, and seeing the Murals around the Town of Harlingen.  We also headed to Mission to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church which was an old mission church.  As we headed there we stopped at the Basilica of our Lady of San Juan Del Voille National Shrine and we walked the Stations of the Cross which were lifelike and spread along  the grounds over about 10 acres.    Just outside the church you could fill water jugs with holy water from their many spigots.  We would do this next time passing by.  That ended our time in Harlingen.  On our way back from South Padre Island (where we visited the Sea Turtle Rescue Center) we drove around Port Isabel and found a nice RV park on an Island with a golf course called Long Island Village.  We were so impressed  we decided we were done with the Encore parks and that we were heading to Long Island Village on our next stay, plus the fact we would be closer to Jason for a little while. At least Mike would have his golf buddy/partner to play with.  It was time to move on!!!!

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