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Monday, March 26, 2012

San Antonio, Texas (March 17th - 21st), 2012

The Historical Alamo
We landed at one of our Thousand Trails campgrounds called Lake Medina.  While the lake was dry; there were plenty of deer roaming around -- they sure were not afraid of humans.  This campground was about 35 miles from San Antonio and made a great home base.  Of course we had to visit the Famous Historical "Alamo" which played a critical role in the Texas Revolution.  It was home to missionaries and their Indian converts.  A very interesting story which left the Shrine, the Barrack Museum, the Alamo Hall, the Courtyard and stone walls and arches,
Another part of our historic tour was the four Missions still standing.

Mission Espada            
While these Missions are part of our National Park system each has their individual characteristics and represented communities from over 300 years ago.  They were surrounded by stone walls built around them and contained a church, granaries, grist mill and workshops along with the Indian Quarters where they made their homes.  We were fortunate to attend a weekend mass at the Esparda Mission which was just a small quaint church.

Mission San Jose

Mission San Juan was under construction so we were unable to get a good picture of it.

Mission Concepcion

The River Walk

We also had to walk the Famous River Walk along the San Antonio River through the city.  It was scenic and breath taking.  There were shops, restaurants, museums and entertainment venues along the way.
World's Largest Cowboy Boots

 Of course, we had to discover the Largest Cowboy Boots located outside the North Star Mall;

The World's Largest Rattlesnake in Freer, Texas;

World's Biggest Rattlesnake 

World's Largest Strawberry
And the World's Largest Strawberry in
Poteet, Texas,

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