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Saturday, June 5, 2010

St. George's State Park, (FL) (May 31 - June 4)

St. George's Island is located east of Apalachicola across a 4.5 mile bridge.  As we crossed the bridge to the east is the half of the old bridge which is now being used as a fishing pier.  You enter the island on a nice palm treed boulevard and straight ahead is St. George Lighthouse and innkeepers house now under restoration.  We headed towards the State Park with all these beautiful homes on stilts along the gulf with a four mile paved lit bike trail from the town  to the State Park entrance.  We entered the State Park only to find we are one hour too early for our 3:00 p.m. check-in.  Kind of like hotel check-in.  You cannot check in early.  So we drop the RV in the parking lot and tour the park and the campground 4 miles in.  The next day because we forgot to ask for a trail map, and the camp-host didn't have any. We rode our bikes to the ranger station to pick one up. Lo and behold, they did not have one. So on this very HOT day (92 degrees) -- we went back to the campground the 4 + miles and died in our camper which was nicely air-conditioned and our faithful Buddy waiting for us. We drove the car into town to check it out and had lunch at Firehouse 9.  some other pricey tourists trap restaurants are Blue Parrot on the Gulf and Harry A's. Both are very nice. We ended up climbing the 94+ steps to the top of the lighthouse and did internet work down loading photos under the lighthouse park's pavilion and the only pet-friendly bench we know of. Mike wanted to help with the  Museum Restoration project and brought an brick-paver for the Museum sidewalk. It reads " RVing Kohuts  2010  St. George's Light Shines On Forever"   space was limited that was the best I could do!!  An very unusual sight for us was playing dodge them with the sand craps one night with the car on the park's main road. Of course, I didn't have my camera.  Had an day of on and off rain that became laundry day. That evening Mike adventure out with his bike on an 2.5 mile trail to Gap-Point,  trashy Primitive Campsite. The trail was flat but some sandy spots made for an good work-out going though them!!  The sunset was clouded but I noticed this unusual nest or eating platform of some kind with an little ladder going to the water attached to the roots of an tree along the shore. I headed back to camp an took another trail that went across wetlands, through some forest area, on boardwalks, bridges and out to the park's main road. Wow, what a ride and work-out. The next day as we were leaving, I stop at the Ranger's Station and I showed the two rangers the photos nest/platform???  Wouldn't you know it, they didn't know anything about it, what it was, or how it got there. Well, your guess is as good as mine!!   Off We Go To Torreya State Park!!       If You Would Like More Information on St. George;s Island or Would Like to Help With The Museum Restoration Project. Please Go To:

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