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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Rivers SP (FL) (June 5 - 10th)

Three Rivers State Park is located along two and half miles of Lake Seminole shoreline.  The Flint River and Chattahoochee River were dam by the U.S.Army Corp of Engineers back in the late 1940's early 1950's and combine to form Lake Seminole. The waters below the dam become the mighty Apalachicola River which flows untamed until it eventually pours into the Gulf of Mexico. The  park's entrance and campground roads are a lot to be desired. We think it's the same roads when it became a Florida State Park back in 1955. We drove the car along the Chattahoochee River looking for places to kayak from. Ended up in Alabama at Chattahoochee State Park. An local"s Park, a little rough around the edges but a nice small park with water and electric, dirt campsites. Restrooms and showers were on the other side of an fishing/swimming pond and to cross you can walk or drive across the water flowing over dam. NO bridge, Just the Dam!! We did drive over the flowing Dam!! That was a little shaky being our first time ever doing that. We did find a place to launch from and the next day I kayaked the Chattahoochee River only to disappoint Darlene when I was back at camp in an hour and half.  It’s blueberry  season in this area from May though the end of June. Had to stop by Veitch’s Blueberries 6 acre patch on Howell Rd. just west of River Rd. about  an mile from  the park and picked a half an bucket they supplied. The bad news is there’s No Swimming at Three Rivers S.P. or at Eastbank Army Corp. of Eng. campground /park across the lake. We had to stop for a dip at Snead’s Landing Park near town to enjoy an afternoon cool down from the mid 90’s. The nature/bike trails at Three Rivers S.P. are well marked and maintained,  as all of us(Buddy Too) found out one evening. Lakeside Trail , little over an mile, Dry Creek Trail, half mile and I continued  on and did the Eagle Trail, just under 2 miles. All the trails terrain was manageable, with NO sandy spots, except for some tree roots to go over.  Want into the Town of Chattahoochee, before we left the area for supplies and seen a sign that read “ FHS Gift Shop”  Florida State Hospital. I had to check it out and see what the patient’s make. Looked for the gift shop in this big, beautiful , very well maintained campus and couldn’t  find it. So I asked a patient nearby, Where the Gift Shop was located, and she never heard of one and looked at us as we were Crazy. We are out of here as we head into Alabama to explore a different type of Campgrounds with the Army Corp. of Engineers.

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