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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metamora-Hadley State Park, MI (August 12 - 20th)

After spending a night in the rest area (which wasn't too bad actually especially since it was free) we successfully moved Kelsey out of her apartment and headed to Metamora SP.  What a disappointing park.  Dirt roads, dirt unlevel sites and one terrible storm knocking tree branches down and cutting off electricity for 2 days.  However, Motorhome, our car and Kelsey's car had to be taken care of locally.  We even had to sleep in tent for one night.  And of course the coldest night.  Cannot believe that for a recreational state there are no water hook-ups.  Things never change in Michigan for the good of the people or even tourists for that matter.  Plus Michigan charges you not only for the camping fee (which was outrageous) but you have to pay for daily or annual stickers on your vehicles.  The Southern states do not do this.

The only good part of this visit was to be able to visit with Shaun and have all three kids together for at least one night.  Shaun loved having food at his disposal and was quite good at manning the fire.  We even had to cancel our old neighborhood picnic due to lack of response and lack of electricity.  We cut out two days earlier because not only there was no electricity and it was a "dirty" (literally) site, we had loud obnoxious neighbors that faced their campsite to ours.  Mike could just not take it anymore.

Moved on to Sleepy Hollow State Park north of Lansing.

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