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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleepy Hollow SP, MI (August 20 - 25th)

What a difference a park makes.  Sleepy Hollow was everything Metamora was not.  A very beautiful park.  The daily rate was even $6.00 cheaper per night.  We were on a paved site with actual grass and shrubs surrounding us making it a little more private.  Very neat and well-groomed.  But again no water hook-ups.  This was the park we housed at while moving Kelsey to her new house with 9 roommates.  She did a great job painting her room on her own; then we pitched in cleaning up the area inside and out for them.  We also gained a new permanent roommate -- Jason.  He will be departing Michigan with us in hopes of a new life out west.  He and we are very anxious and hopeful that he will be successful in this new venture.  We spent most of our time and Kelsey's new house but we did make a visit to our good ole neighbors in Clarkston, The Eckles.  We also said our final good-byes to Shaun and invited him to join us out west anytime.  The only enjoyment we squeezed out of this park was Mike and Jason using the bike trails on our last full day there.

We are now heading out of the State of Michigan.  Who knows when we will return????????

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