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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Galveston Island State Park,, Texas (Nov. 13 - 16th), 2011

Houston Rocket Park
Beach Bum Buddy
We made it to Texas!!!!  Just barely.  We stopped for a bite to eat and sure enough our Motorhome would not start.  Mike checked, tested and played with a few things and our insurance company even sent out a truck to give us a jump. But after a couple of hours it just started and we decided to keep heading to Galveston Island S.P. our next overnight park.  We even had to get our vehicles on a ferry to get to Galveston Island.  Even though we were supposed to turn off the engine, we didn't dared to -- didn't know if it would start again and we didn't want to chance it.  Got to the park and when we turned the motorhome off, it would not start again.  The Galveston Island S.P. Ranger's office had a couple of business cards for mobile RV repair people and we called one of them who couldn't get out until Wednesday.  It was Monday. This park with it's many paddling and walking trails was right on the gulf and the weather was beautiful (80's) with a balmy breeze. Buddy was back in beach heaven. So we decided to make the best of it and we went to visit the Houston Space Center Rocket Park which was very interesting with a lot of Apollo space history.  We ate in Galveston at "The Gem of Mexican Restaurants" called El Gusto.  It was a very authentic looking restaurant and the food was great!!!  The Mobile RV man came out and found the ignition switch needing replacement and after about 2 hours, we were back on the road heading on down to Goose Island State Park in Rockport, Texas.

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