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Friday, November 4, 2011

Michigan Good-byes (Oct. 4th - 18th) 2011

The Kohut Boys & Mom
Edward Hines Parkway Comfort Station

My Birthday Gift to "Locks of Love"
Time to  say our good-byes to family and friends in Michigan before we journey to Texas for the winter.  Our first stop was Jackson, Mi. to address some routine maintenance issues with the motorhome and the car.  We were able to do this at Uncle Doug's house which also made us close to Darlene's dad to say good-bye.  We then ventured to Proud Lake S.P. near Milford, Mi. (after putting new tires on our MH) which happened to have a Halloween theme and was booked for the weekend.  Which then led us back to our favorite Haas Lake campground in New Hudson, Mi. where we stayed for the duration.  It was kind of nice because we were practically the only ones camping there during the week; with the weekenders coming in only for their short stay.  We were able to revisit the Slice of Spice restaurant in Spring Arbor, Mi. on M-60 owned by the Laughlins for Excellent Pizza and COLD Beer and the good company of the Lee's.  We then met all the Kohuts at the Parshallville Cider Mill to enjoy good cider and donuts and apples.  We were  even able to drive the Edward Hines Parkway  to visit Mike's dad's grave-site with a flag to represent that  he was a WWII veteran.  Our good-byes were shared with Kelsey (our daughter) and Shaun (our eldest son).  The real highlights of this trip was on Mike's birthday (Oct 12th), he finally had his haircut with his pony tails mailed to "Locks of Love".  I think he was glad to get the tresses removed after 1 1/2 years of letting it grow.  We also visited the Novi Camper Show because we were close and we still like to keep posted of what is out there for camping.  Thus as sad as it was to leave, the cooler weather said we better starting heading south now.

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