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Friday, September 24, 2010

Badlands N.P. in South Dakota (September 14th - 16th, 2010)

After leaving Herman Lake State Park, we headed to the Badlands N.P. in South Dakota.  Since it was getting dark, we decided to "boondock" at Cabelas in Mitchell, South Dakota for the night. Home of the famous "World's Only Corn Palace".  This palace is an must see if you are going though South Dakota, it is made of real corn and they change it every year. A beautiful work of art with next year's design already started.  Made an lunch stop at 1880 town/train restaurant along the way to the Badlands N.P. with the winds whipping at 42 mph.  No hook-ups in the N.P. so we decided to set up camp at the Badlands Interior RV campground just outside of the Badlands N.P. owned by an elderly Indian couple. Real Tee-Pee out front with an padded floor I had to try out with beer and cigar in hand.  We took a drive to capture the sunset over the Badlands but we were a little bit late.  However, we still had some fantastic views.  The next morning at sunrise, Mike and Jason set out to capture a sunrise over the Badlands. We captured some locals having breakfast along the road and the morning sun made shadows over the Badlands which turn out for some great memorable views!!!  Back to camp and back to bed we went before we set out to Custer S.P. in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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