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Monday, September 13, 2010

Winnebago Visitor Center, Forest City, (IA) (September 3 - 7th) 2010

We arrived at the Winnebago Factory a little too late for the tour on Friday at 1 pm.  So being Labor Day Weekend, They invited us to stay in their visitor lot  until Tuesday so we can make the next tour at 9:00 a.m.  September 7th.  So that meant we stayed 4 nights actually free in their parking lot which had electrical plug-ins.  Here we were able to wash and wax the motorhome, including the roof and the windows and do some small maintenance jobs.  Since the town of Forest City was kind of small, we quickly learned our way around it doing our laundry, attending mass, shopping, and we checked out an couple of local parks -- the normal chores of life.  The weather was pretty cool but by Labor Day it was nice enough for Jason and Mike to get in 18 holes of golf in at the Bear Creek golf course.   On Tuesday we were there for the 9:00 a.m. short film and factory tour which was pretty interesting to see how the different  Winnebago Models are built by an assembly line process. A bus and tour guide took us to the different buildings of operation. [ Sorry No Photos During the Tour, I don't know what they got to hide.]  After the tour, we stopped in the Service area to see if they could look at our leveling jacks because the alarm was once again going off when the jacks were in store mode.  They could not get us in until Wednesday so they handed us another parking pass to park in their Rally grounds which were across the street. [ Big Rally held Every July for Owners of Winnebago Products ]  Very nice grounds with restrooms and there were showers.  By eight a.m. the next morning we were parked in the service area so they could see what the 100th problem was with our leveling jacks.  They ended up replacing all 8 springs so we hope this will remedy the constant problem.  It was nice that they have the mechanic come out to talk to you personally to see what was going on and tell you what he was going to do.  After a couple of hours we were out of there and heading down the road westward to South Dakota our future Home State. Yes!! You read that Right!!!

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