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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BlackWater River SP (FL) (May 17-23) PART 2

Buddy Enjoying the Swim
Great Swim Spot
Ready to Go Again
The next day we did make it back into Milton,Fla.and rode our bikes on the Blackwater Heritage Trail. The 8.2 mile paved Rail-to-Trail from Old Hwy.90 where we started to Whiting Air Force Base Gate and back was scenic and surprisingly busy for an early evening excursion.  There are a few good rivers or creeks in the Blackwater State Forest area to canoe or kayak. So Buddy and I decided to kayak another one called Big Juniper Creek from Red Rock Rd. to Indian Ford Rd. Very nice current and was not as wide as Blackwater River, or as many sandbars, but enough sandbars to stop [more than once] and swim and have a great time. Buddy is a lot of fun in the water, specially trying to paddle up river and going no where. But Captain Buddy, [Because he stands on the kayak front] we are becoming  real-true kayakers. That same afternoon as kayaking, Darlene and I were back in Milton, Fla. for their Riverwalk Art Festival which very nice, informative and locally entertaining. But we came across their All WARS Veterans Memorial on the Riverwalk along the Blackriver. What an Veteran's Memorial it was; the most memorable and beautiful one we have ever seen.
  PS. We cut our stay one day short, Due to early-bird yapper dogs and headed to St. Andrew's State Park near Pamama City, Fla.

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