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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rocky Bayou SP (FL) (May 10 - 17th), 2010

 We reached our next destination, Rocky Bayou State Park in NICEVILLE, FL. We had a beautiful campsite on the corner with a view of Rocky Bayou Lake. There were  lots of short trails, a beautiful amphitheater where Ranger Steve showed the movie RV (how appropriate) one night, Rentals for kayaking or canoeing, and a boat launch for this All Sports Lake. They are a sister park to Henderson State Park. We are in a very shady park with lots of sandy dirt sites; some graveled or paved. They say it is a sanctuary for birds but alligators, turtles and other wildlife have their habitat here. Buddy and Mike did set out to explore the great Rocky Bayou Lake in the kayak. Will they return dry is the question? Well Buddy did very well in the kayak. We went along the shore of the state park and down to its boat launch where Buddy and I were able to swim together for the first time. Boy what a riot we had. Seen a couple of eagle or hawk's nest. One near the lake and another one on our evening nature hikes on Sand Pine Trail (one of 3) nature trails this park has. Also had electric, water and laundry facilities in the park.   Met some fantastic people like Chris and Jay who will be heading up to the U.P. in Michigan this summer, and Faith and her dog, Sasha.

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