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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Topsail Hill Preserve SP (FL) (May 8 - May 10), 2010

Should have stayed at Henderson State Park. This elite State Park was called Topsail Hill Preserve State Park and was also on the Gulf of Mexico. Elite is what I mean to be expensive, club med, close to your neighbors. Used to be a private park and the State of Florida took it over.  Nice park don't get me wrong; but not our kind of park -- too commercial. Even though perks included a swimming pool, sewers, cable and shuffleboard. Plus a tram drove you to the beach. Even had a full size laundry facility.  Some really big boys in there -- the deluxe motorhomes; ours just looked like one of their baby motorhomes. Beach was not as nice as Henderson Beach either. So many small yapper dogs too. Buddy could of eaten any one of them for a meal. So we did a day trip to Panama City Beach. Mike just had to visit the largest bar in the world called Club Lavela (as mentioned on the Travel Channel). Since it was Sunday they were closed and boy was he disappointed in the appearance -- it clearly looked like a dump from the outside even though it was on the beach. Thousands of young adults though line up through the parking lot to get in on the weekend nights. Panama City Beach is a nice town though with hundreds of places to stay (hotels). P.S. Oil still has not hit the beaches. A special thank you to Kelsey, Jason; Shaun (and Natalie) for remembering me on Mother's Day. Love you all!!!

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