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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Henderson Beach State Park (FL) (May 3 - 8th), 2010

We were heading for Panama City but ended 50 miles west to Destin, Florida at Henderson Beach
State Campground. I believe you would call this one Club Med of Florida. Big boy deluxe RVers in this one. Beautiful setting, beach and white sands. The restrooms were large, modern and clean at all times. This park was well maintained. Hoping the oil spill does not tarnish these beaches. Signed up as volunteers if needed. You have to eat at the live alligator restaurant called FudPuckers. Great place to sign the walls, light fixtures, floor, bar, anything you can write on. Our name's on the second light fixture over the table in the bar. This is one place I (Darlene) could retire in if I had to pick one place to settle down in (Destin). Beautiful weather, beaches, roads, and miniature golf places. The Gulf of Mexico is the best beach we have ever been too including Hawaii!!! Plan to depart on Saturday, May 8th and head to another State Park 10 miles east -- closer to Panama City which we will visit over the weekend. Stay tuned!!! By the way there was a beautiful 1/4 mile boardwalk built across the sand dunes to get to the beach. They protect their natural settings.  We also witnessed our first beach wedding.  How sweet -- everybody take off your shoes!!!!
Of course not without incidence.  The night we arrived it had poured rain very heavy and all night.  Well it filled up the kayak with at least 6 inches of water sitting on the car; when Mike went to get the kayak down the next morining,  it was so full of water he lost control of it and it smashed our car windshield.  Lesson learned:; when it first rains we remove the kayak from the top of the car.
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