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Monday, May 9, 2011

Paris Landing State Park, Tennessee (May 4-5, 2011)

Paris Landing S.P. Campsite
Fort Donelson
Paris Landing Marina

Paris Landing State Park was located on a very flooded Tennessee River west of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. While the road and parking lot to the marina and day use park area was submersed in water; the campground was on high ground so we were able to stay there.  While there was  a lot to do there, like golfing, swimming, tennis, basketball, amphitheatre, ball fields and hiking all were closed also due to the flooding.  We decided to take a drive to the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area where there was camping as well, but most of their facilities were closed due to flooding.  Then we went to Fort Donelson National Battlefield, where a very important battle took place during the Civil War.  Here the Union army took the Confederates down and gained control of this entire area.  There were different battle grounds to see, a Confederate monument, log huts used by the soldiers, canons set up at the fort on the shores of the Cumberland River and even a National Cemetery.  We checked to see if there were any Kohut or Crowley soldiers back in that day and we found none.  A lot of history can be found in this area.

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