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Monday, May 9, 2011

T.O. Fuller State Park, Memphis, Tennessee (May 1 - 4, 2011)

With the rains still following us, we traveled to Memphis Tennessee.  Home where many Blues, Soul and Rock Singers got their start.  Also the place where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot.  This campground T.O. Fuller S.P. just south of Memphis provided us with electric, water and a laundry facility.  Those laundry facilities sure make it handy so we don't have to cart our laundry in the rain into town looking for a laundry mat.  And they usually are much cheaper then a regular laundry mat.  Our first day the rain had slowed a bit (after we just missed a tornado warning at the campground).  Tornado must have passed over per the camp host.  We called an old friend of Mike's  from GM who lived just outside of Memphis.  She accompanied us to Corky's -- "The Best BBQ in Memphis".  It was real good and a lot of famous people had passed through there over the years.( As it shows by photos on the walls)  We visited pretty late into the evening but it was great to catch up.  The next day was our duty day -- the shopping, the laundry etc.  The last day we were there we ventured back into Memphis finding out that it was "The Distribution Capital" of the Country.  Many big companies were here and we took note of them so Jason could apply on line which all mostly required.  Companies like Nike, GM, Baxter, Jabil, Eaton, Sharp, Cinta's all had distribution centers there.  Now Mike had figured out why highway 40 East-West was always busy with trucks.  Memphis was where they loaded them up and moved them out because they were centrally located in the United States.  They have a huge railroad yard with 6 overhead cranes  that would load trailers onto the trains and vice a versa.  Then we ventured to Bealle Street probably the most famous street in Memphis with its many pubs, taverns and little boutique/ novelty shops. It was sweet to hear music in the air where many young entertainers started their fame.  It was kind of dead for an Tuesday afternoon, the city's  Pro basketball team is playing out of town and the weekends it gets probably pretty busy.  We ate at Silky's, one of the pubs on the street and then we jumped on a Trolley that took us around Memphis.  The Mississippi River is rising high and they were preparing to be flooded with sand bags around the businesses along the waterway.  Time to move down the road before it floods and continue our journey.       Sorry No photos of Memphis I forgot my camera!! Well I thought I had it!!

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