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Monday, May 2, 2011

Parker Creek Army Corp, Arkansas (April 22 - 25), 2011

Diggin' for Diamonds
Diamond Crater's Old Mine Bldg
 We just had to stop by Hope, Arkansas to see the First home of William
Jefferson Clinton our 42nd. President and since we were going by anyway.
We are heading to another nice park of Army Corp of Engineer's  located on Lake Greeson, Arkansas.  We had a beautiful site overlooking the creek of the lake and where there was a boat launch, swimming area and lots of beautiful trees.  The closest town was Murfreesboro and just outside of that town was the Crater of Diamonds State Park.  We took a drive through the State Park's campground and we were very impressed.  There were full hook-ups with water, electric and sewers and black top camping lots that were very spacious and natural setting.  It was Easter weekend and we tried to get into that park but it was pretty well booked.  However, in this park there was a 37 acre plow field where you could hunt for diamonds.  The good thing was if you found an Diamond you could keep it.  This was the only productive deposit of precious mineral diamonds in the United States.  What we were looking for was typically a well-rounded stone about the size of a match head or larger. (Wishful Thinking)  Of course, we took the 101 course on diamond searching and learned the three methods to search were surface searching, dry screening and wet screening.  The area was already damp from previous rain the past two weeks so we had our shovel, rake, gloves, and hoe and we dug and raked the dirt for about 2 1/2 hours before we got too hungry for lunch.  We forgot to pack our picnic lunch so we decided to quit our digging expedition. But it was Fun!!  It may have helped if the sun were shining so that we could see a glisten in the dirt, but it had been a cloudy day.  Easter Sunday we ventured to Nashville, AR to attend Easter Mass.  To our surprise the Mass was a Bilingual Mass with three languages, English, Spanish & Vietnamese.  So that made the mass even longer so we celebrated Easter extra long.  Relaxed and enjoyed the scenery the rest of the day and BBQ'd ribs for our dinner.  On Monday, we headed out to Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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