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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grand Lake St. Mary's (OH) July 28 - 29th, 2010

Well, while our visit was supposed to be 2 nights; it was abruptly halted due to hazardous conditions of the Lake.  The air smelled awful (like manure which we thought it was).  However, the reservationist told us it was the lake that smelled because it was full of algal toxins.  In otherwords, the lake was closed down due to the algae toxins in it from sources such as high levels of nutrients from livestock and row crop agriculture, use of lawn and garden fertilizers, failing septic systems and other minor sources.  Because the lake is warm and slow-moving it became a breeding ground of this toxic algae.  No swimming, no boating, no fishing.  There were dead fish along the shoreline, geese do-do all over the campgound and it smelled bad.   Over 200 sites and there were maybe 10 campers -- five of them being hosts.  Thank goodness it rained that evening which forced us to stay inside the camper.  We left the next morning for Harrision State Park in northern Ohio.

Wouldn't recommend this campground to anyone.  STAY AWAY IN THE SUMMER MONTHS!!!!!

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