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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maumee Bay State Park (OH) July 31, 2010

What a nice park this is.  The set ups are spacious and I think there isn't a bad site in the place. There are 256 sites in this campground.  The park was packed when we called; but there were two openings when we got there.  Once we were set up, we got on our bikes to ride around and figure out where we had camped there before a while back with our annual camping friends.  We think we found it; but we will have to check with our group to verify.  We rode to the beach and low and behold; the Lake Erie beach had a water advisory posted as well.  It was not up to the state standards and they were recommending that the elderly, children and ill persons not swim in the lake.  What is going on here??  All our lakes are being polluted right before our eyes.   There was an inlet lake that people were swimming in but we passed.  We stopped at the lodge which was beautiful and tried to get in to swim at their pool but they said they only allowed it on Sunday - Thursday at $12.00 per person.  And here we thought $4.00 was high when we wanted to swim in Franklin D. Roosevelts park in Georgia.   At the lodge they were getting ready for a wedding and we thought what a pretty setting they had for a wedding.  We rode back and went to the local Catholic church for mass then into Toledo for a rib barbecue.  By the time we got there it was pouring rain so we opted out and had a deep dish Chicago pizza in a local restaurant there.  Driving to this park, I remarked that this was our first overcast day since we left in April of this year.  It was always sunny down south.  But it was nice to enjoy the cooler weather and get out of those high 90's.
Well, we are now off to Sterling State Park in our native Michigan.

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