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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Harrison Lake State Park (OH) July 29 - 31st, 2010

Harrison Lake State Park was a slightly different campground then St. Mary's.  In fact, it was very nice and quite packed as well.  There was basketball, volleyball, hiking trail around the lake and even a doggie swim area.  There  was a beach also, but once the DNR mentioned the rain run-off water dumps into the lake making it muddy looking; I could only think of St. Marys and their "run-off" problem.  So we did not swim in this lake either.  Very clean and nicely set up this park was.  We walked/rode our bikes around the camps because it is fun to see the various set ups and you rarely find one alike.  Again there was the north campground which we were in and a southeast and a southwest campground in the park.  I think the shower set up was the best of all the setups we have seen in the campgrounds down south.  Our 2nd day Mike did some work on the motorhome and I worked on my insurance project and finished another novel.  The night we had new neighbors right across the street from us who had a very noisy dog and they did nothing about it.  This went on from the time they got there until after 10:00 p.m. at night.  I made a little visit to the host to put in a complaint after that and it was quiet by the time 11:00 p.m came around.  I felt sorry for the elder couple set up right next to them and knew they went to bed early.  The next morning it started again.  We were so happy to pack up and get out of here fast -- onto Maumee Bay State Park.

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