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Monday, July 26, 2010

Louisville, KY. RV Rally (July 21 - 26th)

Arriving at the RV Rally (celebrating their 100 years in RVing) in Louisville, Kentucky at the Exposition Center which was just Big and beautiful.  It sat right next to Six Flags Amusement Park which had closed this year and filed for Bankruptcy -- another sign of our ailing economy.  We arrive for our official packet and we were assigned to Lot 3 which was about 1 mile away.  I do believe that our RV at 32' long; we were probably one of the smaller big boys in the lot.  However, through the complete 4 1/2 days we were there, we had shuttle buses transport us back and forth and we have no complaints -- they did a great job.  The day we arrived there we toured lots of Class A motor-home dreaming for an upgrade.  Not this year though -  we will keep what we have for now.  Spent all three hours just walking through the hundreds of coaches they had in the center.  The next four days we sat in seminars most of the days.  We enjoyed all of them and even though we have been RVing for a few years; there was always something learned in each seminar.  Things like:  Learning how your suspension works, Maintenance Care and Tips,  Awnings 101, RV exterior care, full-timing experts with their experiences, computer safety and security, generator care, insurance and even Mexico travel, and a whole lot more, and they even offered local tours. The highlights of this experience was the night time entertainment of Bob Newhart and Kevin Spinner and Darlene winning a $250 visa gift card at an insurance seminar.   Darlene was even fortunate to have a picture taken with Kevin Spinner and his autograph on his first released CD.  Kevin Spinner was the humble guy who won 1 million dollars on the Americas Got Talent show.  When the judges asked him what he did for a living he honestly said he chased chickens and they all laughed.  But when he sang his song and played his guitar they were no longer laughing but were very touched.  He went on to Win that show.  He is from Kentucky so it was a nice surprise we received on the last evening.  We met some great people, survived the 115 degree heat index, and Buddy even fell in love.  We thoroughly enjoyed the rally and would love to attend next years Rally in Redmond, Oregon.

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