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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taylorsville Lake SP (KY) (July 14 - 18th)

Taylorsville Lake State Park was the park we were going to stay at during the RV Rally.  However, we were about 45 minutes away and decided at a later date that we wanted to stay right at the RV Rally in Louisville, KY.  So we bumped our dates back and this was where we were headed.  The park was actually geared to horse camping with many equestrian trails for horseback riding, shared with Mountain Bikers. While there was a lake, there was NO swimming, in 95 degree + temperatures we didn't want to stay here too long.  Most of the park was not shaded; however we had the best site with the one tree for shade.  We ended up waxing the camper and washing windows; and Mike cleaned the roof's air-conditioning units since they have been working over-time. Hiked  the trail behind our camper and hear an owl that night and of course our laptop went dead.  So onto Frankfort, KY (yes the capitol) to find a repair shop.  First we visited a public library in Shelbyville,KY. to look up a computer repair shop.  Found a local one and they couldn't get to it in our time-frame.  It started once the battery was removed and put back into it.  So we moved on to Frankfurt which happened to be a very old historic town.  We stopped by the Capitol; verified the time on the floral clock near the Capitol and paid our respects at Kentucky's Vietnam War Memorial.  The surrounding countryside was very nice with large homes and horse farms.  By the way it was our 32nd anniversary and we celebrated with a good Italian dinner at J. Carinos in Frankfort.  We visited the local fair going on; but they only had the tractor pulling contest going on so we passed.  Final day we packed up and moved on to our next destination, General Butler State Park (where there is a pool!!!).

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