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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lake Cumberland (KY) (July 11 - 14th) Army Corp of Engineer Park

We camped at Kendall Campground, one of five Army Corp of Engineer Campgrounds on Lake Cumberland/Cumberland River/Wolf Creek Dam.  In fact, it was right below the dam which gave us a very eerie feeling especially since in our camping packet they gave us an" evacuation plan."  They have been repairing this dam for many years and it is still not to be completed for another couple of years. If that dam were to break we would have no time to evacuate anyway-- we would be buried in water instantly. We are a little familiar with Lake Cumberland since we have houseboated here a few times in years passed. They do claim this is "The Houseboating Capital of The World"  and we ended up just renting another fishing boat from Grider Hill Dock. This boat had an 15hp. motor and was a lot faster than the last one as we headed out to check the 76 Falls and we cruised to some old houseboat landing spots. We haven't seen these falls the last couple of times we houseboated  there since the lake been lowered for Dam repairs. I did some fossil hunting while Buddy was entertained with fetching a stick in the water.  And then he met Rosebud another Golden Retriever (female) in the park.  However, his heart was still attached to Haley in Clarkston, his old neighborhood girlfriend.  Our 2nd full day it rained most of the day; however, we visited the Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery where they had a museum and raised trout fish.  For some odd reason, on our departure date we decided to leave early like around 6:00 a.m. because we wanted to eat at the Bread of Life restaurant which was about an hour away; and an hour ahead of us in time. What a great restaurant -- they sold Amish products and had many interesting knick knacks hanging on their walls.  They were famous for their yeast rolls but we setttled on a loaf of homemade bread to go.  Back to the 6:00 a.m. departure time; as we were dumping, an alarm started going off at the dam.  Thoughts of an evacuation "flooded" our minds as we left rather quickly.  Haven't heard any news of the Wolf Creek Dam breaking in the past couple of days so I think we just let our imaginations run wild that morning.  Now on our way to Taylorsville Lake, KY State Park.

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